Five Techniques To Utilize Client Care As a Promotional Plan

Utilizing customer service as a form of marketing is an idea that has seen success.

Organizations typically view customer service and marketing as distinct entities. This is something that could be worth re-evaluating.

Businesses that are customer-focused are beginning to understand that customer service and marketing are intertwined. Ultimately, marketing endeavours to bring in income for the company, which cannot be accomplished without positive customer feedback. This is where customer service plays a key role.

Data reveals that the majority of customers (over 80%) will buy again when they have had a satisfactory customer service experience. Consequently, it is essential that your marketing and customer service teams collaborate together.

This article provides an overview of five ways to utilize customer service as a marketing technique. Firstly, let’s look at why this is important.

Advantages of Having It As Part of Your Marketing Plan

Are you aware that the level of customer service plays a major role in the decisions that consumers make when it comes to buying? If your promotional efforts are not leading to increased sales, it could be because of unsatisfactory customer service. To maintain your customer base, focus on enhancing their experience.

It is worthwhile to have customer service as a part of your marketing plan. Benefits of doing this include increasing sales, fostering brand loyalty and enhancing customer retention.

  • According to statistics, 7 out of 10 customers have made a purchase from a company due to its customer service.
  • Furthermore, almost all shoppers report that customer service is a decisive factor when it comes to brand loyalty.
  • If a single customer service experience is bad, 61% of buyers would switch to a different brand.

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By taking the information provided into consideration, it is beneficial to link your marketing efforts to your customer service. Here are some of the advantages that you can gain.

Positive assessments can be incredibly beneficial for businesses. They can help attract new customers and boost a brand’s reputation. Reviews can also be an excellent way to show appreciation for great customer service. Highly rated feedback can be a great asset to any company.

Excellent customer service may motivate a person to write an online review, which is a great benefit for your business. Praise from customers can be a strong factor in convincing potential and current customers to invest in products or services.

Having a good number of reviews is essential in a customer’s decision-making process. Data from Oberlo reveals that 90% of people consult online reviews prior to making a purchase. The goal should thus be to motivate customers to submit positive reviews.

When it comes to customer feedback, a large portion of it pertains to the customer service team. Customers are likely to comment on how they were treated, if the team was able to resolve their issues and how straightforward it was to get in touch with them (e.g. if there was a “call now” button available). Chances are that your potential clients will come across these reviews.

Developing trust through good reviews is essential in gaining consumer loyalty. A positive customer service experience can build an enthusiastic client base that will advertise your company to others. This can be used as a marketing tactic to draw in new customers.

Advantageous Position

Gaining an advantageous position in the market is critical for businesses to succeed. This can be accomplished by having a product or service that stands out from the competition. Companies must be able to differentiate themselves in order to secure a competitive edge.

Organizations that have achieved success emphasize that customer service plays a significant role in their marketing campaigns. This can give them an advantage since customers keep coming back to purchase from the same company and they may even spread the word to others.

Standing out from the competition in the oversaturated market is essential. This is best accomplished by providing outstanding customer service. As many companies offer similar products or services, you must find a way to make your company stand out.

Bringing your customer service and marketing into harmony can help to ensure that people choose your business over the competition. Creating an enjoyable experience for your customers is the key to success.

Enhancing the quality of social media exchanges

With nearly 4 billion users, Social Media has become a major platform necessary for a business’ expansion. By targeting even a fraction of this audience, companies can experience a rise in sales and a heightened recognition of their brand.

It is essential that your business has an engaging presence on social media platforms. According to Growth Worldwide Inc, more than half of users seeking products do so via social media. It is up to your marketing team to create the opportunity for potential customers to find your products through these channels.

It is important to keep in mind that a successful social media manager should not only concentrate on clicks and impressions. Their top concern needs to be the customers who engage with the business. Your social media pages shouldn’t only be about advertising.

Your social media team should prioritize customer service. Customers typically use social media platforms to voice their opinions about your brand, so it’s important to monitor activity and respond to comments and tweets.

To fortify customer relationships, it’s important to pay attention to and respond to posts that involve your brand. Doing so will make customers more devoted to you and your business.

Enhancing Teamwork

Working together more effectively is possible through smoother collaboration.

In order to spur on cooperation within your business, the same task should be given to each team: putting customer service at the forefront. This is a necessary step to help your business grow.

In order to effectively utilize customer service as a marketing technique, the different divisions will collaborate. Your sales and marketing personnel will be responsible for disseminating positive customer service accounts. These anecdotes will arise from the customer service department.

By fostering closer links between personnel, your business will enjoy a greater level of efficiency. Establishing these connections will also present an advantage when it comes to wooing potential customers.

Utilizing Customer Service As A Marketing Approach

In this day and age, having a well-balanced connection between marketing and customer service is crucial. Thanks to the internet, people have the ability to easily convey their experiences to others. If just one negative review is shared, it could motivate potential customers to turn to other businesses.

Urge your customer service and marketing departments to work together. By doing so, they can assist each other in achieving multiple objectives. Most notably, they can provide a satisfactory experience for your customers.

Utilizing customer service as a part of one’s marketing strategy can be done through the following five methods.

Gathering customer feedback and testimonies is an effective way to amplify your brand.

For your marketing to be successful, you should emphasize your customer service. To demonstrate the accomplishments of your agents, accumulate reviews and testimonials!

If customers don’t leave sufficient reviews on the web, your marketing team can always request them to do so. They can acquire opinions through the following techniques:

  • Distribute newsletters. Your customers can talk to customer service by using the telephone, sending emails, or starting a live chat. After each contact, your marketing team might send newsletters to encourage them to leave feedback.
  • Observe social media. Folks are prone to sharing their experiences on social media. If they are pleased with your customer service, they will communicate it on these channels. Use a hashtag to track their reviews or review the comments.

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  • Encourage customers to get something in return. People appreciate getting deals from companies they like. Give them a great offer they won’t be able to resist. This could take the form of a discount code or loyalty points if they write a review about their experience with your customer service.

Including customer reviews and testimonials in your marketing is an excellent idea. A study revealed that approximately 80% of purchasers trust online reviews similarly to personal referrals. A glowing customer service review can really help your business.

Demonstrating concern for customers through a devoted and helpful customer service team is a surefire way to persuade them to progress down the sales funnel. Your business puts customer experience first, above all else.

Providing assistance through social media outlets

In the past, customer service was provided through telephone, email, or live chat. It is now a requirement to also offer it via social media platforms.

On average, individuals spend close to an hour and a half daily engaging on social media. This includes activities such as posting media, giving feedback on other users’ posts and content, and communicating with brands. If you are looking to make an impact, do not overlook this platform.

Encourage collaboration between your marketing and customer service teams. If a customer contacts you via social media, your social media representative should not just direct them to contact customer service via email or phone. Instead, they should be prepared to provide assistance on these platforms.

The specialist should review any inquiry or observation made by the customer. If they are unable to provide an answer, your customer service representatives can provide assistance.

The customer service staff can only address the marketing team’s inquiries when they have the customer’s contact info. To get this, they need to request it through a private message. Once they have this information, then they will be able to resolve the problem.

Marketers provide the conduit between your customers and customer service. They relay the pertinent details to the support staff who then help the customer, fostering a pleasant experience.

Identifying people who act as advocates for a brand

Customer service representatives often find themselves dealing with a variety of complaints. Nevertheless, it’s also important to be aware that there are customers who contact them to express their appreciation for the brand and its products. Keeping an eye out for these types of customers is essential.

Marketers can ask your representatives to keep track of shoppers who:

  • Praise your firm, items, or services
  • Describe how your brand aids them in resolving a certain problem
  • Boast about your customer service being outstanding

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When your staff runs into these customers, they should forward their details to the marketing team. Then, one of your employees can reach out and ask if they are interested in becoming a representative for your brand.

It is a known fact that testimonials are a beneficial marketing technique. People tend to trust other people with similar characteristics, so introducing potential customers to your brand ambassadors can help propel them towards a purchase.

After you’ve identified your advocates, let them know how much you appreciate their support of your company.

  • Through common digital platforms
  • Through electronic mail correspondence
  • In advertisement and marketing materials

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This is likely to motivate a purchaser to complete their transaction.

The marketers should provide the support reps an understanding of the sort of customers they seek. Then, the reps can acquire the customers’ contact details to make the job of the marketers more straightforward.

Create descriptions of ideal customers

The customer support and marketing teams can both gain advantages by forming buyer personas. This will allow them to build the most precise customer profile. As both departments acquire data and feedback from customers, combining this knowledge will help your business comprehend your target audience.

Many companies don’t appreciate the fact that their support personnel are privy to an extensive amount of information about customers. They don’t recognize that the support staff can contribute to improving marketing strategies. The personnel who are in contact with customers daily have an unparalleled understanding of them.

For more effective marketing strategies, marketers should request that customer service representatives provide their insights. Doing so will allow for increased accuracy in consumer profiles, allowing for better targeting of the desired audience.

The advantages of having an insight into your target customer include:

  • A deep understanding of what customers need, their issues, and what they care about
  • Gaining access to high-quality prospects
  • Enhancing the process of product creation

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In order to gain the upper hand, you should include customer service within your promotional plan. They possess more insight into the public than any other group, including advertising. It is vital to make the most of this knowledge.

Constructing a resilient community

Marketers can create a solid customer base by offering good service. If customers feel valued and taken care of, they are likely to stick with your company. However, a single misstep can make them consider switching to a different business.

Creating a strong community for your support reps can be achieved by following these three steps:

  • Demonstrate to clients that they are valuable. Consumers desire to feel esteemed and significant. You can demonstrate that you care by giving them priority and providing outstanding service. This will result in them returning to your business.
  • Enhance customer loyalty. Remarkable customer service encourages purchasers to be more dedicated to your brand. If they get everything they need from your business, they won’t go to another.

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  • Gather input on potential products. Members of the community commonly desire to express their ideas and feelings with you. Doing so will fortify their relationship with the group. Your customer service agents can solicit their suggestions for new products to demonstrate that the company appreciates their viewpoint.

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The construction of a tight-knit community between your marketing and customer support personnel can be a great appeal for potential purchasers. It will draw them in and make them eager to join the group and provide you with the services that you are seeking.

Final Remarks

In conclusion, it can be seen that…

Cooperation between customer service and marketing can be highly beneficial for a company. By pooling their resources, they can more effectively draw in and keep customers. Furthermore, joining forces can drastically enhance the customer experience.

If you want to leverage customer service as a marketing strategy, try our five suggested ways. By connecting customer service and marketing, you can get closer to your marketing goals. GiantCampaign is proud to have an award-winning customer support team. Our customers often praise the help they receive. For more information, contact us today!

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