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Privacy Policy

At GiantCampaign, we prioritize the confidentiality and safety of your personal information. Our privacy policy is applicable to our email marketing service, as well as the websites associated with it, such as (and its subdomains) and other sites linked to this policy in the footer. For the purpose of this policy, all of these websites are collectively referred to as 'our website'. We strive to maintain a professional approach towards safeguarding your privacy.

We urge you to thoroughly review this policy to gain a comprehensive understanding of our perspective and procedures regarding your personal information management and how we plan to handle it.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Cookies are used on our websites
  • To monitor user activity on our website, we employ analytics tools like Google Analytics. This is a crucial aspect of our professional approach to managing our online presence. No details are overlooked when it comes to tracking and analyzing user behavior.
  • As part of our email services, we engage third-party providers who will have access to your data. Rest assured, we prioritize the confidentiality and security of your information.

To who is this policy addressed?

In this policy, the term 'you' pertains to individuals who have availed our services or visited our website. It does not include people who have received emails from our customers or are part of a mailing list maintained by our clients. We identify these individuals as 'Contacts' in this policy. We do not have any direct relationship with Contacts and use their information exclusively to provide services to our customers.

In this policy, the term 'contact list' pertains to the information of Contacts, which includes their email addresses, that we handle on your behalf to deliver our GiantCampaign service. It is important to note that no details are left out when we use this term.

In case you are a Contact who wants to stop receiving emails from any of our clients, kindly utilize the unsubscribe link provided in the customer's email or get in touch with the customer directly.

In case a Contact directly asks to be removed from one of our customer's contact lists, we can take care of it while notifying the customer of the request. The customer owns the responsibility of personal data of Contacts and their privacy policy should be referred for further details. We do not use Contact email addresses for our own promotional content. As a data processor for our data controller customers, we may use the personal data of Contacts when generating usage reports and analyzing email events such as bounces, unsubscribes, clicks, and opens.

We may collect information about you

  • When you interact with us through our website or through communication channels such as email, live chat, or phone, you may provide us with information. This information may include details provided while filling out forms on our website, responding to surveys we send you, or contacting us for assistance. In order to set up your account and manage your emails with the help of our upstream email service providers, we will ask for various information when you register for our service. Any information shared during communication with us may also be recorded for future reference.
  • Your IP address is utilized for the purpose of detecting fraud and abuse. No information pertaining to it can be left out as it is crucial for this task.
  • For advertising and targeting purposes, please refer to the section labeled 'Advertising and targeting' which contains relevant data.
  • When availing our paid service, we will require you to provide payment information, including credit or debit card details. Stripe, our payment processor, handles the payment processing, and we do not keep any credit or debit card information on our servers. Stripe has undergone an audit by a PCI-certified auditor and has been certified as a PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the most rigorous level of certification. Their website contains their security guarantees and Privacy Policy for your reference.

How we use your personal information

  • In a professional manner, we aim to furnish you with the information or services you require from us, which includes promptly addressing any requests for aid with the service. No relevant information will be left out in our efforts to assist you.
  • We will keep you updated with our service and inform you of any modifications through regular newsletters. This is part of our professional approach to ensuring that you are always informed.
  • We will fulfill our responsibilities that arise from any agreements established between you and us. Our commitment to meeting contractual obligations is a professional priority.
  • In order to manage our website and handle internal procedures such as problem-solving, we need to collect and utilize all necessary information. This is an essential part of our professional operations.
  • In order to enhance and advance our service, we utilize statistical analysis and conduct research on the usage of our service.
  • As a part of our commitment to ensuring the safety and security of our website, we undertake measures to monitor any instances of actual or suspected fraudulent activity.
  • In order to suggest an appropriate billing currency, it is necessary to identify your geographical location.
  • In order to execute advertising that is aimed at specific targets, please refer to the section labeled 'Advertising and targeting' below.

Advertising and targeting

In order to showcase our services on other websites, we enlist the help of third-party providers. These providers, along with us, utilize tools such as cookies and web beacons to display targeted advertisements for GiantCampaign, based on your browsing behavior. Additionally, we may share your email address with Facebook or Google in a secure and encrypted form for similar advertising purposes. For more details on the data shared with our third-party providers, refer to our list of processors and sub-processors and our Cookie Policy.

Lists of your contacts

We store your contact lists in secure servers provided by Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) located in the European Economic Area ("EEA"), specifically in Netherland and Germany. We assure you that we do not sell or share your contact lists with anyone else. In case someone from your contact list raises a complaint or contacts us, we will only respond to that particular person. Moreover, only our authorized employees have the permission to access and view your contact lists.

As part of our service administration, we may keep a close eye on various events and activities. This helps us to identify any potential misuse of our service and analyze usage patterns and trends. Rest assured that we will never utilize any Contact data for such purposes. Instead, we will always rely on an anonymized and aggregated dataset that does not reveal the identity of any individual Contact.

At any given time, you have the option to export or download your contact lists from GiantCampaign. It is important to note that we will only utilize and share the information contained within your contact lists for the purposes outlined in this section, as well as those specified in the 'How we use your personal information' section mentioned earlier. Rest assured that your data is in safe hands.

We guarantee that we will not utilize or reveal any data from your contact lists to send any self-promoting material. However, in the event of detecting any harmful or unlawful activity associated with your contact list, we may share it or parts of it with relevant ISPs or anti-spam organizations. We may also be compelled to disclose it to law enforcement or regulatory entities, but only if legally mandated.

As part of our service, we may analyze how you use it and the outcomes of your email campaigns. However, this analysis is done in an anonymous and consolidated way, without disclosing any personal information.

Cookies and tracking technologies

To differentiate you from other users of our website, we utilize cookies. Most of these cookies are necessary for us to provide our service, which guarantees that you stay logged in to GiantCampaign and that we can tailor the service provided to you. Additionally, we may use cookies and similar tracking technologies, such as web beacons, for advertising and targeting objectives. For more information, please refer to our Advertising and targeting section.

Your personal data is stored in the following places

We store the account details and IP address you provide us on our AWS servers located in the Netherlands, Germany, and the European Economic Area (EEA). Your personal information may be processed by our staff, as well as our ESPs and other service providers in the EEA, who may be involved in fulfilling your services or providing support services. We take all necessary measures to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with our privacy policy. If you require more information on the appropriate safeguards we use to protect your data, please don't hesitate to contact us.


We ensure that all information you provide us is securely stored on our servers. Payment transactions will be conducted by Stripe through encrypted connections utilizing SSL technology. If you have a password or API key that provides access to specific areas of our website, you are responsible for keeping it confidential. Our approach to security is highly stringent, and we prioritize privacy by design in our engineering and product development principles. Despite using advanced security tools and techniques, unauthorized access to your personal data is possible, as with any online service.

Disclosure of your information

As part of our standard protocols, we reserve the right to share your personal information with any affiliated company under our ownership.

As part of our professional standards, we may share your personal information with carefully chosen third-party entities. No details will be left out when we do so.

  • If we decide to sell or acquire any business or assets, we will communicate with the potential seller or buyer of such business or asset in a professional manner. No information will be left out during the communication process.
  • In the event that a third party acquires GiantCampaign or a significant portion of its assets, the pertinent details will be disclosed to the acquiring party in a professional manner. No information will be omitted during this process.
  • In order to deliver the GiantCampaign services, it is necessary to involve business partners and subcontractors in a professional manner. No information can be left out during this process.
  • As part of the domain verification process required for accessing our services, our email service providers (ESPs) will have access to your email address, phone number, street address, domain, and account ID. When using ESPs to send emails, they will be able to view the sender's name and address, subject, email content, and the destination email addresses. If the recipient opens the email or clicks on a link, the ESP will see their IP address, which may provide a general location based on the latitude and longitude associated with that IP address.
  • We work with analytics providers to enhance and optimize our website, as well as with law enforcement agencies or regulatory bodies, and other third parties to prevent fraud. However, we will only disclose information if legally obligated to do so. As professionals, we understand the importance of transparency and compliance with regulations.
  • In the event that we are legally obligated to do so or need to enforce our policies and agreements, we may share your personal information with third parties. This may also include sharing information with other companies and organizations for the purpose of detecting and preventing fraud and reducing credit risk. Our primary objective is to protect the rights, property, and safety of GiantCampaign, our customers, and other parties involved.


Our service allows for integration with your email service provider account, such as AWS (Amazon Web Services). It is recommended to review the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Service of your provider to understand their practices regarding the usage, storage, and disclosure of data related to their service.

In addition, you can connect your GiantCampaign account with third-party apps, websites, or services that you have an independent account with. If you decide to integrate your account with a third party, they will receive your contact lists, information about your use of our services, and any other personal data that you make available to them. These third parties are considered your own data processors and are not sub-contractors or sub-processors of GiantCampaign. Any information collected by these third parties is governed by their own terms and privacy policies.

Personal Information Retention

The duration for which we retain your data is contingent on the purpose it was obtained for and the manner in which it is utilized. We ensure that we do not hold onto your personal information beyond what is necessary for our business objectives or what is mandated by law.

To ensure your satisfaction, we will maintain your account and data for up to 13 months after your last access or use of our service. Before deleting your data and closing your account, we will send warning emails to your account email address, giving you the chance to keep your account active or backup any necessary information. During this time, we may reach out to you regarding our services, unless you have requested otherwise.

You have the option to remove your account along with the data you have submitted through the Dashboard. However, it is important to note that we may still retain copies of your data for a maximum of 90 days in backup storage. This is necessary in case of any unforeseen events that may result in the loss of data. Additionally, for compliance and accounting purposes, we may keep certain limited information for up to 6 years. This information may also be used to enforce or defend any legal claims related to our terms of service.

Legal basis for data processing.

As part of our legal obligations, it is necessary for us to disclose the grounds on which we handle your personal data. We will solely utilize your information in cases where:

  • If we have obtained your permission or if it is necessary to process your personal information for providing services as per our terms and conditions, we will proceed to do so. Our approach to handling your data is always professional.
  • Our engagement in providing the GiantCampaign service and offering valuable products and services to you is based on our legitimate interest. If you want to know more about how we process data, please feel free to get in touch with us.
  • We are currently handling the information to comply with a legal obligation, as required by our profession.

Your rights

As an individual, you hold the prerogative to request access to any personal data that we may have processed concerning you. This is a professional obligation that we take seriously.

As a customer, you hold the authority to request us for the rectification of any erroneous information in your data without any additional cost. In case you want to avail this right, kindly follow the necessary steps.

  • Kindly submit your inquiry via email to our team in a professional manner. It is important that all necessary details are included in the email for us to efficiently address your request.
  • Please furnish us with sufficient details to recognize you, such as your username or email address. This would help us to identify you professionally.
  • Please identify any inaccurate information and provide the correct details that need to be substituted instead. This is a crucial step in maintaining a professional standard.

You have the ability to view, modify, update or delete your personal details at any given time. This can be done through your online account or by getting in touch with us directly.

When we delete data, we want to make sure that you understand that removing certain pieces of information, such as your email address, while you are an active member of GiantCampaign, might have a negative impact on your ability to use the service. Our intention is to maintain your satisfaction with our service while ensuring that your personal information is handled with care and respect.

It is imperative that we retain all invoices as they are essential for tax purposes, and it is not possible to delete any of them. As a professional, we must ensure that all financial records are maintained in accordance with legal requirements.

If you wish to restrict the processing of your personal information, object to its processing or request the portability of your information, you can contact us to make these requests. We will ensure that your rights are respected in accordance with the relevant laws.

In case we have obtained and handled your personal details with your approval, you have the right to revoke that approval anytime. However, please note that we may continue processing your information if we have an alternative legal justification for doing so, such as being obligated by law or fulfilling our commitments to you according to our service terms and conditions.

As a user, you are entitled to request us to cease processing your personal information for direct marketing purposes. This can be done either through your GiantCampaign dashboard or via email. If you opt to exercise this right via email, kindly ensure that you follow the required procedure:

  • To unsubscribe, it is necessary to submit a written request, which can be in the form of an email labeled with the header 'Unsubscribe'. This is considered an acceptable method of making the request in a professional manner.
  • Please furnish us with adequate details to recognize you, such as your email address. This is crucial to maintain a professional approach towards our communication.
  • In case you do not have an issue with direct marketing as a whole, but only with a specific channel such as email or telephone, kindly mention the particular channel you are objecting to. It is important to provide all the necessary details to ensure your objection is addressed appropriately. As a professional, I understand the importance of clear communication in such matters.

Privacy policy update

As part of our professional approach, we regularly review our privacy policy. Should we make any changes to our policy, we will update this page and notify you. We will also ensure that notices are placed in other relevant areas of our site so that you are always informed about the type of information we collect and how it is used.


In case you have any queries or feedback about how we use your information, we request you to reach out to us via email. If you are dissatisfied with the way your complaint has been dealt with by us, you may escalate it to the Information Commissioner for further investigation. Our commitment towards maintaining a professional approach in addressing your concerns remains unwavering.