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Gmail is cutting my email; Why?

Gmail has a specific size limit for emails in the inbox. Any email that exceeds 102KB gets clipped. In such a scenario, a link to view the complete message within the web browser appears at the bottom of the email.

Email campaigns can sometimes be clipped if they are too long. This is because the more HTML code your campaign has, the larger the email size. To avoid this, you can edit your campaign and remove some content to make it shorter. If you want to know the exact size of your campaign, you can download it as an EML file from your inbox.

In some cases, even if your email length is normal, it may still be clipped in Gmail. This can happen if there is invisible HTML code that increases its size, which can occur when you copy and paste content from external sources such as Word, PDFs, or other emails. To prevent this, try pasting the content into a plain text editor such as Notepad before copying and pasting it into your campaign draft.

Additionally, some browser plugins can add extra code to your campaign without your knowledge, which may cause email clipping. If you experience this issue, try disabling any plugins and recreate your campaign. If it doesn't get clipped, it could mean that one of your plugins was adding extra code. You can also contact us for assistance, and we can help you identify the problematic plugin.

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