Anti-spam Policy

When you sign up for an account and accept our Terms of Use, you are also acknowledging and accepting our Anti-spam Policy. This is a standard practice to ensure that we maintain a professional and legitimate platform.

What is spam?

When it comes to email communication, sending a message to someone about a particular topic without their explicit permission to do so is considered spam.

If you send an email to a person who is unfamiliar to you, it is considered as an "unsolicited" email. However, sending a single unsolicited message is not equivalent to spamming. On the other hand, when you send an unsolicited email to a group of people whom you have no acquaintance with, it falls under the category of spam. It is important to note that spamming involves sending numerous unsolicited emails to a large number of recipients.

Who can I send to through GiantCampaign?

In order to send an email to someone, it is essential to obtain their consent. This can be achieved by:

  • A form on your website that allows visitors to sign up for your email newsletter.
  • To ensure that individuals provide their explicit consent to receive communications from you, the opt-in checkbox on a form should not be pre-selected and instead should require the person filling out the form to actively choose to check the box.
  • In case someone fills out a paper-based form such as a survey or participates in a competition, you are allowed to get in touch with them only if they were informed beforehand that they would receive communication via email and they also actively agreed to it by selecting a checkbox.
  • Individuals who have bought products or services from your business in the past two years.

Who can't I send to through GiantCampaign?

It is not possible to import or send to an email address that:

  • You lack clear and verifiable authorization to communicate regarding the subject matter of the email being sent.
  • Regardless of the quality or permission claims made by a third party, whether through purchase, loan, rental or any other means of acquisition, you must personally obtain permission. No information can be left out when following this requirement.
  • If you haven't reached out to them by email for the past two years, it's likely that their permission to receive communication from you may no longer be valid. This is because people may have altered their email addresses or may not remember granting permission to receive emails from you in the first place.
  • Copying or pasting content from the internet is not acceptable. Just because someone shares their email address does not imply that they are interested in receiving messages from you.

What should be the content of my email?

When using GiantCampaign to send newsletters, it is mandatory to have an easily accessible and noticeable unsubscribe link that removes the subscriber from your list with just one click. If a subscriber chooses to unsubscribe, you must immediately stop sending them newsletters unless they decide to resubscribe.

Suspension of your account

In the event that your campaigns generate a significant number of spam complaints (above 0.5%), bounces (above 10%), or unsubscribes (above 10%), or if your open rate is extremely low (less than 10%), we retain the right to immediately suspend your account and conduct an investigation into your activity. If we discover that you have been sending emails without consent, we will terminate your account. We may require you to provide evidence of permission from your recipients and cancel your account if such evidence cannot be provided. Alternatively, if you can provide proof of consent, we will reactivate your account and you may resume using our services.